Overall Objective: Brand Awareness & Lead Gen

    • Channel 1 – Fliers, Business Cards, Yard Signs: Will be used to inject RRSS directly into the local market with physical materials at public spaces to help create brand recognition and a personal connection.
      • The campaign will consist of placing RRSS marketing materials in high traffic areas (offline) along the Coast (targeting: Long Beach, Gulfport, Pass Christian mainly). 
      • This “placement” will consist of distributing the materials to convenience stores, the local colleges bulletin boards (USM Gulf Park, MGCCC campuses), local library bulletin boards (Long Beach, Pass Christian, Gulfport), HOA’s, subdivision management, apartment managers
      • The yard signs will be placed along Railroad Street (East and West of RRSS) directing drivers to the location while showing contact information. 
    • Channel 2 – Print Media: Will be used to capture the attention of more locals who consume the legacy local media
      • The campaign will consist of running classified and promotional ads in the local newspapers, circulars, and magazines. 
      • Local media prices – TBA
    • Channel 3 – Google: Will be used to capture the local market searching online for services related to RRSS and further the local targeting campaign, through search engine marketing (SEM).
      • The ads will trigger when someone searches for the brand name or selected keywords. They will be presented with the option to call directly from the ad or be taken to the page on the RRSS website.
    • Channel 4 – Facebook & Instagram:: Will be used to create local awareness on social media while capturing leads.
      • These ads will run on both desktop and mobile devices and will introduce the brand and its offerings to a wider, more active market, who can take several actions instantly
      • The “lead gen” ads will feature a pop-up form, directly in Facebook and Instagram,  that captures the lead info and sends it directly to us
      • The “brand awareness” ads will lead the user directly to the website where a form will capture the lead info and send email it directly to us
      • These ads will run for a min of 30 days at a time
    • Channel 5 – Radio Ads:: Will be used to capture the local market’s attention during times when they can’t have their phone or read print media, in the car.
      • The ads will run multiple times a day across different radio stations, covering different genres and markes
      • Minimum Ad length – 15 sec
      • Maximum Ad length – 30 sec
      • Cost of radio Ads – TBD
    • Channel 5 – Content Marketing (specifically Articles): Will be used to educate and engage users with information related to moving, storage, property security. This helps introduce the brand and market to potential customers without a sales pitch.
      • The articles will be placed on RRSS’s “blog” page
      • Links to these articles will be shared across social media
      • Helpful tip articles
      •  can be submitted to local media for syndication
      • *Online syndication is an option also – Platform Fees apply
    • Channel 5 – Email Marketing:: Will be used to nurture and also educate leads who have inquired about our services but have not purchased. Also used to upsell current customers or incentivize them to refer RRSS.
      • Will encourage social media users to go to RRSS’s website and signup for the newsletter for a chance to win…(free storage rental, boxes and moving materials, giveaways etc.)
      • Once signed up, new subscribers will receive a welcome email showcasing all RRSS has to offer
      • Will send out biweekly or monthly emails to 2 seperate list:
        • Leads
        • Current renters

General Notes

  • Keeping all 5 marketing channels stocked and a liquid budget will ensure a consistent blanketed marketing effort, in the targeted area.
  • The marketing messaging will change a bit once there is an office for patrons to visit.
    • Current marketing messaging instructs users to “call/text” and “click” for more information – while future messaging will include “visit us at…” and “come see us today at…”
  • In addition to the above marketing, we can also engage in email marketing, to nurture leads and/or educate subscribers on security tips, moving and storage tips, etc. or market upcoming specials.

Promotional Ideas

These are ideas that are used to either drive leads for rental units or target a specific segment of the market

  • College Student Discount
  • Out-of-towners discount
    • Discount to those who just moved in town within the last 30 – 60 days
  • Sign on a year, get 1 month free
  • Discount to First Responders
  • Discount to local teachers/professors educators
  • We can create limited specials around all major holidays

Social Media Marketing

Going forward the messaging on social media will move away from “introducing” people to the brand and towards granularly promoting all the services, features, and prices.

The top 3 channels for promotion will be:

  • Twitter
    • Tweets
  • Facebook
    • Feed posts
    • Story posts
  • Instagram
    • Feed posts
    • Story posts

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Ongoing Actions and Duties

  • Communicate with online followers, respond to inquiries and reviews, monitor tagged/untagged mentions
  • Monitor SEO impact, web traffic data, and social media account statistics
  • Monitor social media channels for keywords that are related to the mission, target market, and industry
  • Schedule content to post when applicable
  • Post updates to social media accounts
  • Optimize and upload videos to various platforms
  • Continuously optimize the online platforms
  • Creating and diversifying the format of digital content

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